Rim and hub updates and pre-order niceties

Rim and hub updates and pre-order niceties

It's been a while since we blogged, huh? This summer has been a quick one (so far - it ain't over yet!) and a fun one and a busy one. 

We've got a few hub and rim updates to share. First, the Easton R90SL 20h option is going away. A shame since this has been a quite popular build for a few years, and the R90SL rims have been super reliable rims that we've loved as much as you have. 24 to 32 hole drillings are still around, but we have just a limited stock of 20h rims so if you have a hankering for a set of them, get while the getting is, well, get-able. 

Second, in addition to the previous news that Chris King R45 disc hubs were no longer going to be available in 6 bolt or quick release, King has decided to discontinue Campagnolo drivers. While we're disappointed to not be able to offer them anymore, there are a looney number of drivetrain variants so it's understandable that these small businesses need to limit things in order to not get buried. 

Finally, we are in the last week of the September pre-order for All Road wheels, GOATs, Cafe Racers, RCGs, and Hotfoot MTB wheels. With all of these, you get $100 off for a few extra weeks of waiting for your wheels. Understandably, everyone wants to order at the last minute and get their wheels at the first minute (we would), but with limited wheel building and general through-put capacity, that's not possible. Subject to vagaries of material deliveries, we hew to a "first in, first out" regimen. The August pre-order was a big one, and we did let a few people sneak in just after the deadline, so the whole order isn't going to be able to get out before August ends. It won't be too long after 9/1 that we ship the last of the pre-order but we can only do what we can do. 

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