Privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Like everything we do, our privacy policy is organized around what's best for you.

 - If you subscribe to our emails, we won't share your name or address or anything else with anyone, ever.
 - Same deal if you order from us and provide contact and payment info - it goes in the vault.
 - If you ever unsubscribe from our email list, we may still contact you by email with any subsequent purchase confirmations, but that's it.  
 - If you comment on our blog or on our Facebook page or somewhere else out on the interwebs where we're a steward, and if you provide your contact info there for all and sundry to see, well, we can't prevent folks from lifting that and trying to sell you some get rich quick scheme or special pills. So be careful out there. 

Site Accuracy Notice

We sell several thousand different wheel configurations, and we use several hundred thousand words and numbers to describe them. We try quite hard to be as accurate with them as possible. At times, we bungle it and there's a typo. Occasionally a photo winds up in the wrong spot or doesn't reflect up to date product graphics. We apologize in advance for that. We really do try to give the most accurate info we can. 

Blog Comment Policy

We prefer not to moderate comments, in the spirit of transparency and encouraging open discourse about subjects. Comments that promote other products without being earnest examples or comparisons, attempts to guerrilla market, trolling, and rudeness are subject to moderation/removal. Comments without a valid email address provided are also subject to moderation/removal.