Shipping information.

Wheels usually ship within two weeks of order, and more quickly when possible. If your wheels will take significantly longer than that we will let you know. Enve wheels will take about a month to ship, so we're letting you know that up front. We'll try to ship them more quickly, but Enve rims take a long time to get delivered. If you have a deadline you are trying to meet, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate it. 

Additional items shipped with wheels ship free. Tires/tubes, cassettes, and rotors ship installed on wheels where it's possible to do so and fit them in the box without damage. 

We ship from downtown Newport, RI using UPS to the Continental US, and Postal Service to all other locations. Destinations within New England and most of NY generally arrive in one day, MidAtlantic and western Midwest take two, Central states three, Mountain and Southwestern states four, and West Coast five days. 

Costs are as follows:

Continental US: $35

Alaska/Hawaii: $70

Canada: $60

UK: $65

Other destinations: Please check with us for current rates 


Each November wheel set is built to order. While customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we can not accept returns except in the case of a warranty.