Custom wheels for thoughtful cyclists.

Since 2010, we have followed a very simple mission:

Improve quality. Eliminate expense. Tell the truth.

Perpetual students of the wheelbuilding craft, our current process is 11 steps, including custom cutting each spoke to length and dishing wheels to account for the small but inevitable movement once an installed tire is inflated. Read more about our process if you like.

We keep our costs (and your prices) low by selling direct online and vigilantly keeping overhead in check. Our ship, she is tight. (That's the first of dozens of nautical references you'll find when you look around.)

Finally, we believe in being honest with our customers. When we launched using open mold frames and rims, we said so. When we go to the wind tunnel we don't test against the slowest wheel we can find, but against a suitable benchmark. And when we saw a very limited value proposition for carbon clinchers, despite them being our best selling product, we discontinued them. This doesn't make it easy on us, competing in an industry where obfuscation is a standard operating procedure. But we hope it makes it easy for you in your quest to confidently find a wheelset that brings you joy.