Hotfoot Carbon MTB Wheels

Secretly wish you could ride your mountain bike every day? For us it's not even a secret. Hotfoot wheels help you maximize your time on your favorite bike. 

Hotfoot wheels, like all November wheels, are based on an intense, exhaustive and exhausting build process that ensures they're ready to go when you pull them out of the box and that they stay that way for many many many many (many) hours of use. The new resin system and modulus mix make them unbelievably tough, standing up to beating after beating on anything you might ride if you're not some French psychopath (and even if you are, really). 5 year manufacturers rim warranty.

The 30mm internal width is ideal for tires from 2.25" to 2.6", the 25mm depth gives heaps of stability without beating you up, and the 2mm spoke bed offset allows most builds to have nearly even right and left side spoke tensions. At 440g (29er) and 420g (650b), they're plenty light but not under spec'd disasters waiting to happen. These are every ride (every day if you're lucky), all year, race day, fun day, and every other kind of day wheels. 

With a broad range of high engagement, every-axle-format-you-could-possibly-have compatible hubs in a smashing array of wild and mild colors, plus ultra reliable Sapim spokes, at a price that will leave you asking how'd they do that? Hotfoot is the king.