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Reflections on the bottom brackets of Mark Cavendish and Katy Perry

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I write about Mark Cavendish here a lot - not so much because of who he is, but because of what he represents as a rider. Above anything else, Mark Cavendish represents an unmitigated desire for power transfer. Comfort and weight be damned - he needs his bike set up exclusively to optimize the last 200M of a race. It's got to be hard to take a bike that Mark likes and sell it out in the real world, since most riders can't be so narrowly focused in their needs. Absolutely we want something that doesn't whip around when we...

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Is Matte Black the new Black? Oh, and carbon cockpits.

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Is matte black the new black? We went with nude carbon for the Wheelhouse because we didn't want to add the 200g or so of weight that paint and heavy decals carry, but could have opted either for gloss black or matte black. We chose matte, in part because we preferred the aesthetic, but also because it was a little less common than gloss black. Was being the operative word here. I named my first son Gavin a decade ago for the same reasons - I liked it and it was uncommon. But my epiphany was shared by parents across...

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Tube Shapes and Materials

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I've said time and again here on the site that we're not engineers. We aren't shaping tubes using CAD programs or booking time in the wind tunnel before going to market with a new product. But that doesn't mean we can be completely ignorant about the decisions that the engineers do make. On the contrary, we have to be pretty well educated. We think information drives better purchase decisions, so we do our best to educate ourselves before making the purchases we want to educate you about in turn.  A key consideration in purchase decisions in this industry is tube...

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Lessons from Le Tour on Purpose-Built Bikes

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What riders endure at Le Tour de France is legions apart from what an amateur racer faces. Some of us build our entire season around a 3-day stage race or a 100 mile gran fondo. These guys knock 7 of our stage races in a row, each comprised of 3 stages the length of a gran fondo but ticked off at 5-10 mph faster than we'd do them.  But in some ways, the demands on the bikes can be pretty similar. The crashes at this year's Tour make it look like turn 3 in the Cat 4 Crit Championships. Bikes...

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The Bloody Bleeding Edge

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Being centered on product that's really really good, but has no aspirations or claims of being the absolute best in any metric, affords November a pretty nice place in the world order.  To be sure, we are always on the lookout for better stuff and ways to improve how we do what we do, but we aren't driven to be world leaders in anything but delivering really good race ready products at exceptional value.  For sure there are speedbumps along the way, and we continue to learn and improve pretty much all the time.  We ain't perfect.  My mom would tell...

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