Who are you?

Who are you?

We've spent eight years telling you all about who we are, what we do, how we do it, etc. But since Google Analytics and all these other tools tell us a bunch about you, we thought it would be fun to share a bit of that (it is, after all, your info). We can also add a bunch of anecdotes from our interactions and notes. And we will dress this post up with pictures of customer wheels (and please feel free to send us some photos of your bike to our info@ address!).

These are all web site traffic stats, not sales or customer stats. I can tell you that in many ways they line up closely enough and in some others they diverge enough that I notice it. Most of these are over the last year. 

First of all, a bunch of you are old enough to have heard the title reference song growing up, but many aren't. A third of of web site visitors are 35-44, with 25-34 and 45-54 tied at 26% each. 18-25 and 55-65 make up the rest. 

96% of you are male. That's disappointing to a huge degree, but I don't see how we can affect that. Women clearly don't share the same zest for bike geekery as men do, I guess. Anecdotally, we have three builds on hand for women which were all purchased for them by men. Which anniversary is the "bike wheels" one? Again, you can debate whether men buying bike wheels for the women in their lives is a good thing or not. 

62% of you are in the US, followed by the UK (9%) and Canada (6%). Australia, Germany, Holland, France, Singapore, Sweden, and Belgium are the rest of the top 10. 

Within the US, 17% are from California, with New York, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, and Pennsylvania all sending between 6% and 5% of our users to us. 

80% of site visits are from new people, and 20% are from returning visitors. This is a funny one, because most businesses would drool over our ability to say that this stat roughly matches sales stats. We have A TON of repeat customers. 

Leaving aside the redundant "cycling," "sports and fitness," and "bike parts and wheels" other interest categories, what are you into? Home & Garden/DIY is big, as are banking & finance, business, travel, green living, and food & dining. No surprises there. 

Our homepage is the most popular landing page, with the blog home coming in second. Our post on 6 bolt vs center lock disc brakes is our third most popular page - someone is ALWAYS looking at that sucker. Then we get to product collections, with AForce, Boyd, and HED at the top of those.

Despite road (rim brake) wheels being mostly what people look at, this is the first year that we will sell more disc wheels than rim brake wheels. By units this will be the case, and even more so by total sales. The carbon disc builds that have become super popular have a somewhat higher selling price than the average rim brake wheel sale. RCG is the top disc product that people look at, but sales are very evenly split between RCG, GOAT, and Cafe Racer. Those have been our three most popular products over the last several months.

700c road/cross/gravel wheels dominate our sales. We sell more mountain bike wheels than we have, mostly thanks to the Hotfoot and RaceFace builds, but they are still a small part of what we do. 650b wheels are bigger than they were two years ago, but they haven't become a huge thing. Yet? Can't say. 

The thing we sell the most of, units-wise, is center lock disc shims. They were a great idea, we tightened up on the original execution, and people buy them. They're awesome. Hubs-wise, Industry Nine has come on strongly lately. White Industries is still big, and then the others are evenly distributed at lower volumes. 

So that's about that. Enjoy your Monday.

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Chris – glad to hear it, and thanks for the recommendation. I will for sure check that out.

Dan – you ride, therefore you are. It’s just that you are in such small numbers you don’t get the recognition you deserve

I am a happy repeat customer and restraining myself from another set, though the amazing weight of those RCG wheels are very tempting.

If you want a Youtube review by somebody with a similarly honest take on things, try pathlesspedaled, they’re obsessed with 650b gravel riding and only keep their test bikes/equipment for 2-3 weeks. I also tried to get your wheels tested by intheknowcycling.com (another very independent and thorough reviewer), but not sure if that’s happening?

Anyways, keep up the great work and hope you guys get wider recognition.


Us 70 year olds don’t even exist??


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