Dates and Deadlines, the This Week Edition

First, today is the deadline for the March 5th wheel pre-order. So if you're looking to save a benjamin on a new set or Really Friggin Sweet hoops, today's the last day for a couple of months. We're expecting to deliver wheels from this pre-order in late Spring. Carbon tubulars start at $745 and carbon clinchers at $845. (If you don't know the story yet about how we can sell for these prices, here's part of our primer.)

Secondly, Sunday March 11th is the last day you can order a Wheelhouse frameset or Max Perkins bike, and have your bike in the shipment we're expediting from Taiwan via air freight on March 23rd. We originally set March 15th as this deadline but we need to push it up a few days because organizing the order and paperwork takes a few days longer than we expected. Sorry about the change - if you fully intended to order by March 15th but the new deadline makes it difficult, drop us a note. You'll find we're pretty reasonable. (Unless you ask for a discount. You're already getting one. Everyone is.)

I know that unless you're planning on pre-ordering some wheels or jumping into that Wheelhouse expedited shipment order, today's blog is a bust for you. Sorry about that. We'll make it up to you later this week. Dave and I are turning over a handful of topics that are almost as interesting as saving $100 on a set of wheels.




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Make it up by, say, announcing the 29er wheels?!


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