You deserve better (wheels).

What's a better wheel? It's the one pairs perfectly with the tires that optimize the ride for your terrain and riding style. Our focus on both rim depth and internal width helps you find your perfect setup. And because they're handbuilt to pretty obsessive specifications, your perfect setup will bring you joy for many many miles.



Since 2010, we've tried to bring transparency and integrity into everything we do. When we launched using open mold frames and rims, we said so. When we went to the wind tunnel we didn't test against the slowest wheel we can find, but against a suitable benchmark. And when we saw a very limited value proposition for carbon clinchers, despite them being our best selling product, we discontinued them. This doesn't make it easy on us, competing in an industry where obfuscation is a standard operating procedure. But we hope it makes it easy for you in your quest to confidently find a wheelset that brings you joy.

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