Collection: November x A11y merchandise

A11y is our initiative to actively participate in the anti-racism movement. The "11" in the middle stands for the 11th month, but it also telegraphs our 1:1 commitment. Every dollar in profit that A11y merchandise generates is donated to programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion in and through cycling.

Our goal is grow A11y to the point where the profits we donate from it are equal to the profits generated through our traditional business. So help us succeed by buying a shirt or two for yourself and one for a friend or family member, telling others about it, and using #a11y on your social channels.

The first organization we are supporting through November x A11y is WTF Bike Explorers, creators of the Cycling Industry Pledge for more inclusive workplaces and communities, and the SJ Brooks Scholarship program benefitting BIPOC cyclists of all gender identities.