Yes, we offer Payment Plans.

Since we launched we've offered Payment Plans. Now that our 11/19 order deadline is looming, we're getting a lot more questions about how they work, who qualifies, and what they cost. Here's the lowdown: How our Payment Plans work:
  • Instead of paying 100% up front by 11/19 when you make your purchase, we split your payment into two parts - half by the 11/19 deadline and the other half when your products arrive, but before we ship to you.
  • We can't extend payments past the arrival date of your products. We don't want to be in the financing and collecting business. Instead, we chose to be in the sell-awesome-cycling-products-at-great-prices business.
Who qualifies:
  • Anyone who wants.
  • It's not really a credit application because, well, if you don't pay we still have half your money and all your November products. This makes it easy for us to trust you, so we don't run your credit score or ask for a guarantor or anything.
What do they cost:
  • We do attach a financing fee which varies based on what product you are purchasing.
  • For Wheelhouse framesets, RFSW wheels and FSW wheels, you pay 55% at time of purchase, and 55% when the product arrives with us, ready for shipping to you. So that's a finance charge of 10% of your total purchase.
  • For the Wheelhouse Max Perkins, it's 52.5% up front, and 52.5% before we ship to you, for a 5% finance charge.
  • The finance charge applies to the merchandise total only, not the shipping or tax (if applicable). But the shipping and tax payments are also split into two parts, so that your payments up front and at the end are exactly the same size.
Our Payment Plans are not a gimmick or a promotion. It's the same approach as our regular model: in exchange for asking you to part with your money up front, we only ask that you part with about half as much money. If you can't part with all of it up front, we can't save you quite as much. Simple as that. If you want to take us up on the Payment Plan, contact us here. Let us know what product(s) you want and we'll simply email you an invoice for the first payment, which you can pay online with your credit card or PayPal account. We'll hit you up for the rest when your stuff is here.
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Yeah, we kind of chundered the framing on that. If we deliver more quickly (as we hope to) the effective interest rate gets higher. Again, as Mike said, not bankers. The point is to make it easier for people who are a bit tight on funds to get a great deal on a bike.

Dave Kirkpatrick

Assuming delivery in four months, that is a 66% interest rate!

Michael Flanagan

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