Wider, tougher, all road-ier new rims

Plus ça change, plus c'est la meme chose. For those of you who can't butcher 8th grade French quite as well as I can, what that means is "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Change is the current constant, and the change to all things slightly wider is the constant constant. 

We'll start off with the Hotfoot changes. Both the 650b and 29er Hotfoot builds are switching to new 30mm rims. Since the use case and intent of any build we might do with these is the same, we're sticking with the Hotfoot moniker and there you have it. In addition to being slightly wider, the layup of the new rims changes a bit, with a new resin structure that's more resilient and a bit more higher modulus T800 carbon and slightly less T700 carbon. In theory and measured bench testing, this means higher yield strength and more radial resilience (the rim can be deformed out of a circular shape without being harmed) than the original Hotfoot rims. The tubeless interface is unchanged, as are ERD and all that other good stuff. Since the width is higher, weight is a fraction higher by just a few grams.

Of slightly wider appeal (I slay me...) are the new all road rims. Take the RCG36 and bump the internal width up by 4mm to 25.5mm (and the corresponding outer width increase to 32.5mm), add 2mm to the depth, do the same layup changes as are done to the Hotfoot rims, and voila you have the All Road 38 Disc

Likewise, wave your magic wand at the Cafe Racer and make all those same changes (except 4mm extra depth this time) and you have the All Road 50 disc

Despite all of these wonderful updates, the update to the price? Nada. That's right. 

All of these are available now with all standard and custom build options, though the product pages are only completed for the most popular builds. Delivery (and pricing) will be per the April Pre-order, which closes at the end of this month and ships starting near the end of next month. We don't have any in stock yet, as these are all so new. If we haven't yet put up the page with your hub of choice, get in touch and let us know how we can make like the Burger King and make it your way. 

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Yay! Wider is gooder-er :) just what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks guys!

North Krimsly

Hi Dez – Great question. Min tire width for these is likely a true 28mm when you’re looking for peak aero. I think with actual 30s or 32s these are going to be superb. Below 28mm or if you’re looking to minimize weight, then Cafe Racer or RCG are the likelier choice. We need to make that more clear with a follow up post and in the product descriptions. Thanks again.

David Kirkpatrick

What would be the recommended tire sizes for the extra width? What would be the tire size if one is aiming for the optimal aero benefit? 30mm which would inflate up to 32mm? Thanks!


Hi Harry – To your first question, not that we’re at all aware of. Is there a specific thing about those dimensions? I could possibly see them doing 25.5/32.5/somewhere around 60mm but I wouldn’t predict an intermediate width step of i23.

We have access to Onyx hubs, but their newer hubs I believe just came out at Sea Otter so it will be a little bit before they’re available for builds.



Is there 23mm internal/30.5mm external/56 deep rim also coming out now with the newer layup? Do you have the new oynx hubs for xdr 12-spd?


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