Why We Race

There are a million different ways and whys to ride a bike. One of the most important to us is racing. I'm not saying that we're mint at it, as even though Mike has his moments, generally this blog is a place of honesty and let's face it I aspire to a consistent mediocrity with occasional bouts of "not awful." So what's our why?

Schirm doesn't look like this except in races

We sell performance oriented stuff. Not that you have to use it in races, and I'd guess that slightly less than half the stuff we ship out ever sees a race (which is actually a gigantic percentage compared to the world at large), but racing reveals flaws. I'm not going deep and talking about character here (that would clearly imply self-incrimination), but rather flaws in stuff. When you race, you press hard, damn the consequences. My power files from races stand in STARK contrast to what I can do in training.  When you race, you know not logic nor pain nor concern. You just know you've got to hold that m-f'ing wheel, whatever the cost. Wind tunnels and bench tests are great and we rely on them for sure, but nothing makes the cut until we've raced on it.  

Dialed in and flying


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