White Industries Hubs Bearings Update

A while back, we posted a bit about bike hub bearings. We've also noted for a while that one of the relative liabilities of White Industries hubs is their bearing sealing. This is a bit of an overdue post with news on that front.

White has made a running switch on their hub bearings, and now uses a full contact (LLU) seal on the outboard-facing side of all of their bearings, and a semi-contact (LLB) seal on the inboard-facing side of all their bearings. 

They've also gone with a higher grease fill content. 

This is excellent news, and is exactly the kind of product awareness and continual improvement that we love to see from suppliers. We've mentioned this situation to them on several occasions, as I'm sure other customers have, and they've responded with a great solution. 

I recently did what I will conservatively call the most disgusting (and yet awesome) ride I've ever done, which was 60 miles of what is best called "gravel racing" in REALLY muddy conditions (hubs submerged on several occasions) using a set of RCGs with CLD hubs. This is precisely the kind of conditions where WI hubs have been most vulnerable. Following the ride, I performed the profound maintenance of washing the bike down somewhat diligently (which for me means pointing a hose and suds in its general direction) and stored the bike. The hub bearings made it through this with absolute aplomb. 

T11s, CLDs, and XMRs are all shipping with the new bearings. So nice. 

We just fell in love with WI all over again. 

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I’ve enjoyed White Industries hubs, and this had def. been an issue. I replaced bearings 1-2 times per year. Glad they recognized the need and made a change. Thanks for the update and opinions.

Mike B.

That’s a very welcome change. I have three sets of wheels with White CLD hubs (two sets from November). I have had White hubs fail way too early, basically one wet/nasty gravel event, and bearings were locked up. I attributed it to the all too common problem of product designers living in CA weather. Fortunately they are easy to replace.

It would REALLY be nice if they would offer up these upgraded bearings at low cost for replacement of the older ones.


Most owners don’t perform bearing maintenance, so this update makes proper sense. Will note, though, that the ability to pop off the outer bearing seals of my Nimbus/White Ind./Nov Bicycles hubs (almost 3 years old—still spin like there’s no tomorrow), for a quick clean and lube session, makes for easy regular maintenance. Occasional small drops of Phil’s Tenacious oil is also a good way to liven up grease that is beginning to get stiff. Can add years to bearing life.
The ability to easily disassemble the WI hubs with a 2mm hex, is great for owner mechanics, as well. Super easy to set the bearing pre-load, to boot.


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