Where in the World is the Wheelhouse this Weekend: 10/30 - 10/31

This weekend the Wheelhouse will be on a group ride in Reston, and at CX races in Hughesville and Severna Park, MD:

Saturday October 30:

  • The 52cm Wheelhouse, piloted by Gus Grissom (GamJams Racing), will join the Reston Bike Club ride on Saturday morning at 9am. Ask him anything you want about the bike's ride characteristics, weight and setup, and also about ancient Greek history. He's well versed in all of it.
  • The 54cm and 56cm Wheelhouse bikes will be at All Hallows Cross for test riding and general ogling between 11am and 1pm. Nate Hakken will be on-hand to answer questions and hold your beer while you test ride.

Sunday October 31:

  • Nate will bring the 54cm and 56cm Wheelhouse bikes to ABRT's Kinder 'Kross, again between 11am - 1pm. 
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