Wheels now ship in 3 weeks.*

Wheels now ship in 3 weeks.*

That's it. That's the blog.

*In most cases. We're fully stocked on rims but our forecasting needs more recent data. It's highly likely that the rims we think we will sell the most of in the next few months will languish, and some sleeper hit we never expected will emerge. If that happens we'll update lead times on the affected product pages.

*The other exception is custom wheels, where we are now offering a full range of hub brands and colors, as well as non-standard drillings. Expect custom wheels to take longer. And absolutely be worth it.

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Let me know when you guys can build wheels with the Classified Powershift internal hub system. I have a new road bike with the system, and I want my next gravel bike to have the system with wheels from you guys.

Jon B

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