Wheelie Big News (2 of 4): Demos, Demos, Demos

You call 'em demos, but we ride limos, too.  Thanks, Chuck D.  I love that song.   

People want to try our wheels, and we want people to try out our wheels.  We will be at some of the early season crits/circuit races with wheels available for people to demo in those races.  Here are the races we plan to be at:

  • Black Hills Circuit Race, Boyds MD, 3/19
  • Chantilly Criterium, Chantilly VA, 4/16
  • Carl Dolan Memorial Circuit Race, Columbia MD, 4/17
  • Fort Ritchie Classic Criterium, Cascade MD, 5/7

"Gee, Dave," I can hear you thinking right now, "that sounds great and I'd love to try that out.  Where do we go from here?"  Here's where we go...

  • Find our tent about an hour before your race (we may or may not be at all events for any given race, so don't make this your plan A for race wheels, m'kay?).
  • Demos are first come first served (see note above about not making this your plan A for race wheels, m'kay?).
  • Choose between FSWs, RFSWs and RFSC38s, as available.
  • We'll install carbon-compatible brake pads (as necessary) and make sure your limit stops are set correctly for our hubs.
  • Wheels will come equipped with really nice rubber (no better way to have you think the wheels are "meh" than for us to put mediocre rubber on them, right?)
  • You pay us $30 for carbon and $20 for alloy wheel demos, cash on the barrel, 100% of which is applicable as credit against any subsequent wheel or frame purchase.
  • Hand over your driver's license as security. 
  • Return them when your race is over.  Don't forget to grab your license.
  • Go home and hit "Buy Now."

Easy, right?  But what if you want to go with what you know for your race and just take a quick roll around the parking lot?  Well, we can do that too.  Bring your license, keep your cash. 

Send us a note to coordinate. See you at the races. 

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