Wheelie Big News (1.5 of 4): RFSC 58s and 85s here by mid-May

The first of our series of 4 Wheelie Big News was the announcement of our newest deepest carbon clinchers - the RFSC 58s and RFSC 85s. Consider this an amendment to that particularly update.

Part 1 was the announcement of a flash pre-order for only a few days (sorry - we'll give more warning next time around), which closed on a Friday, saw us place the order for the pre-orders along with some extra inventory on Saturday, sell out of that extra inventory by Sunday, and then go grovel to our rim supplier to please please please let us order more rims on Monday. They said yes, so we have some additional stock of both the 58s and the 85s on the way. You can reserve yours whenever you like to make sure you get a set from our incoming stock, or shop around until they arrive to see if you can find a better deal (you can't - but we're not offended if you go look). 

Our rim supplier is highly skilled at managing expectations, and then surprising and delighting. Originally told we'd see up to 90 day lead times, we were informed after placing our order that they'd have our rims out of production in half that time. So we're projecting that we'll be able to deliver our RFSC 58s and RFSC 85s by mid-May.  

Also, we're giving a standing 10% discount on any of our RFSCs to Juniors, Collegiate Racers, Coaches, Officials or anybody on our Sponsored Teams. It's built right into the checkout. Admittedly, 10% off our prices isn't nearly as much as 10% off our competitor's prices, but it's still enough for you to pick up some nice rubber for your new hoops. 

The RFSC 38s are in stock now, by the way. We're building to fulfill existing orders and are projecting about a 2-week lead time to any new orders. Same with the RFSWs and FSWs - you buy 'em, we build 'em, straightaway.

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Front is A291SB. Rear is F482SB.

Dave Kirkpatrick

So which specific Novatec hubs are used for these wheelsets?


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