We come up with a way to save you a grand or two on a bike, and all you guys can ask is "dude, where do I get a sweater like that?"

Dave and I debuted the Wheelhouse bikes, RFSW wheels and FSW wheels over the weekend at Saturday's Great November Ride and then on Sunday at DCCX. In our continued interest of branding without actually buying advertising, we sported matching and fetching custom embroidered merino wool cycling jerseys (pictured at right). We spend all weekend shaking hands, kissing babies and extolling the virtues of our 100% pre-order model, but the question that kept coming up was, "You guys gonna sell those jerseys? They're sweet."

We started this company by listening to the market, and we're not going to stop now. So yes, the jerseys are for sale. They're 100% merino wool with a 1/4 zip front and a zippered pocket in the back. You can see the embroidery on the front and both shoulders in the picture. The back is blank, but the red and cream stripes do circle the entire jersey. The garments themselves are from Australia, and they are embroidered here in the U.S.A. In the picture, Dave is smiling because he's proud of the bikes - my grin is because I'm so cozy in my wool trainer.

Naturally, the jerseys are 100% pre-order, and the deadline is Friday November 19, same as our frames, bikes and wheelsets. The cost is $108 if you're only buying a jersey. Buy any of our actual products and we'll let you have the jersey for $88. Sizing is comparable to a cycling jersey, on account of they are cycling jerseys.

Contact us here if you're interested (let us know what size please) and we'll send you an link to pay by credit card or PayPal.

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