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I know, I've got it incomplete, but you can't land transport stuff from Taiwan.  As they say when you're trying to drive east to west (or west to east) in northern New England - "ya cahn't get theah from heah."  Or, as the crusty old Mainer replied when asked "where does this road go?," "I've lived heah all mah life and nevah seen it go anywheah."  Or the old Vermonter who, when asked if the born in VT children of infiltrating New Yorkers were not true Vermonters after all, replied "if a caht has kittens in the oven, does thaht make them muffins?"  I've got a million of them. 

Anyhow, our Wheelhouse frames are in production.  We don't yet have an exact finish date, and the pipeline between production, production qc, paint and graphics, paint and graphics qc, inspection by our agent, delivery to the shipper, shipping, customs, etc is obviously quite not short.  Our agent has told us that they may get onto a boat by the third week of February, but that it might be a week longer than that.  With a 21-24 day shipment timeframe, the better case would put them in our hands sometime right around the equinox.  If the delivery to the shipper is delayed, obviously that gets them here later. 

All along, Mike and I have been psycho serious about getting frames in people's hands on time.  We promised end of winter/beginning of spring and we are going to do anything and everything in our power to maintain that promise. 

To that end, there is an additional incentive to order by today's proce increase deadline: if the frames are not getting shipped by sea according to a time frame that will have them in our hands by March 21, we are going to dig into our pockets to air freight all frames that have been sold.  I would love to be able to say categorically if we have your order by today, you will have your frame by 3/21 and I personally guarantee it."  The reality is that there are things which are way beyond the control of anyone in our supply chain - weather, customs, acts of God, etc.  So we can say "if we have your order by today, I guarantee that we will do everything within our power, including paying for air frieght out of our pocket, to get you your frame by 3/21." 

Wheel delivery is locked down, we are in fantastic shape on that.   It won't be long before we start having them built. 

Race smart. 

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  • Steve on

    Comment long over due on this. Your level of personal commitment is far from lost on me. I'm counting the days til 3/21. Chapeau, fellas!

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