Time and Place

An eye-opening article in this week's Economist (I could link it but you'd be in front of a paywall about 2 sentences in) about corporate HQs in Silicon Valley makes this a good time to talk about our new office. 

For the last year, we've been operating in two states: Mike remains in MD, while I've been in RI since last winter. The riding- and racing culture around DC has been wonderful to be a part of, but my entire family and many life-long friends live in RI, so when I had the chance to move back, I took it. This adds a wrinkle to how Mike and I do what we do, but the way our roles split makes that aspect pretty painless. 

On the other hand, having a work space that's 100% committed to allowing November's operations to flow as smoothly and effectively as possible has introduced efficiency and - I think you'd have to call it joy - that lets things work better than they ever have. In our case, place creates time that supports our mandate to keep overhead as low as possible. 

It doesn't hurt when this is the course for your Tuesday Night Worlds

A palacial monument to ourselves will never be us (in line with The Economist's view), but neither would some cinder block bunker in an industrial wasteland. Our operations base is actually a perfect reflection of November's soul - efficient, small, human, colorful, and slightly quirky. You'd also have to throw hand built in there. It's a story of value and values - just like in your wheels, you want something that absolutely works the part, and looks the part, but gives a big middle finger to what most of the world is telling you costs the part. 

There's still a ton of moving dust and the time of the year means that some work on the place takes a decided back seat to getting orders out the door. And ongoing struggles with the switch to a new phone mean that most of the pictures are inaccessible at the moment, but what better time to follow us on Instagram and see the pictures we've posted there?

Apart from the office, we've got one more piece of ultra exciting product news that's a bit too premature to talk about. Don't you hate teasers like that?


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