They call it Cyber Monday...

but Tuesday's just as bad (yes, I'm a hippie). 

If you've somehow missed our email or Facebook post about it, our Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Novemberfest offer for this year is a no-charge upgrade to the all black brake track on the wheel builds where that is available (RFSW3, Al33, Boyd Altamont, Boyd Altamont Lite), or free shipping on any other build including full custom. Use coupon code BlackFridayBlack or CyberMondayShipping (whichever is relevant to your choice) at checkout to take advantage.

These are both really good deals, perhaps not as eye popping as some of what's out there, but very solid nonetheless. As we discussed 363 days ago, we don't have the margin in our normal pricing to support any kind of ridiculous special deal. Having just reread last year's post, it appears that we weren't as busy then as we are now, which says good things. 

One of the things that Mike and I talk about doing is having an ongoing meter to show what's selling. It seems like a fun thing to do, and whenever we've shared that info, people have liked it. Since we haven't found the time to cobble that together, we'll just tell you what's selling best. What's selling best is the BlackFridayBlack option of Al33 rims with Chris King and Industry Nine hubs. Hub color distribution is really broad, which is cool. 

And that brings me to the next topic, which is a progress check in on the Open Pro build. If hanging drywall counted as base training (house project is getting toward the finish line), I'd be in line for a pro contract next year. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Consequently, the Open Pros haven't gotten quite the mileage that I'd like for them (or me) to have gotten, but they have rolled a couple of hundred miles so we can get a bit of a feel for them. Blog time (and your attention span) are running short so we'll have to leave a full discussion until next time. 

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