The warehouse sale

The warehouse sale

Over time, you collect stuff. We've collected stuff (this is our 10th year in business, after all). Whether it's wheels or rims we used for wind tunnel base lines, stuff we ordered by mistake, stuff we wanted to check out, or got too much of... whatever it is, we've got it and we want to get rid of it. Clear up space for us, get good stuff being used, everyone wins. It's all priced to move. 

A few of the highlights:

A Zipp 404 Firecrest front wheel that has been our wind tunnel baseline wheel

An Enve 3.4 front rim that was also a wind tunnel tester

A pair of brand new Mavic Open Pro UST disc rims

And then some RaceFace rims and some hubs and some other stuff. The most use any of it has seen is in a wind tunnel. 

Anything that doesn't go relatively soon will wind up in a bike co-op or something somewhere. All prices are final. They're low. 

Happy hunting. 

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