The waiting is the hardest part

Sping finally seems to have caught up to the calendar across the east coast, and riding without ALL the gloves and warmers is now intermittently possible. This of course means that everything bike related has sprung to life at once and things go crazy, which is great. 

We've been struggling to stay up with Rail inventory as the spring has turned on, but we are turning the corner on that with two large rim shipments hitting in the next few days. The two weeks we've needed to ask people to wait has been dialed back to one week, and unless things go completely nuts we should have standard Rail builds ready to go for on demand shipping quite soon.

The FSW deal keeps going, stock is getting thinner but we're able to ship immediately on those in both spoke count options. Custom alloys are running on schedule except in some cases of a hub color or orientation being slow to appear. 

Unusual for the world's legs to still be SO pale and be planning for cx season, but we've got great things afoot at the Circle K for the crossers this year. 

Well, since UPS has picked up for the day and it's so nice out, I guess it's time to go for a ride. 

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