The most popular blog-published drivel from Year 1

Today is the 1-year anniversary of the very first post we published here on the November blog. That marks it as the official public start of the company, though Dave and I had been working behind the scenes for about two months before then. Two months isn't a lot of time for planning and organization, to be sure, but we also launched early in order to show you all the planning, organization, decision-making and progress in real-time.

Since that first post a year ago, we've spouted off over 100 more times here on the blog. It's all available over in the archives on the right if you want to browse. If you just want some highlights, here are the 5 most popular posts based on the number of times each was viewed:

1. All-In-One Mythbusting with Cav
As much as we aim squarely at the amateur racer, anytime we talk about the pros the traffic meter lights up.  

2. Re-Premium Branding
Next best thing to writing about pros is writing about their bikes. 

3. Carbon Fiber Violins and Scandium TT Frames
Google may have tipped the scales on this one. Who knew so many people were going to search on "Carbon Fiber Violins"? 

4. The Bloody Bleeding Edge
In which Dave breathes a sigh of relief that our strategy is to be a fast follower, not a technology leader. 

5. When the Wheels Come Off
This may be a case of a misleading title garnering unwarranted attention, coming as it did after we sold our 43g DoubleSecretUltraLight Ti Skewers on a Frugal Fridays. The post is about product failures - not in general, but ours specifically. It happens, and when it does we're not going to sweep it under the floormats of the team minivan.  

Dave and I are partners by vocation, but as bike racers we are competitors by nature. The fact that 3 of the top 5 (2, 4, 5) were written by him is not lost on me. The game, as they say, is on. I'm taking my posts altitude training to prepare for Year 2. 

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