The January 16th HOT BUNS pre-order deadline is today, January 16th

Another season, another pre-order deadline. Today we close out the pre-order for the HOT BUNS frameset and HOT BUNS Original Recipe complete bike. So if you're ready to put this year's ride out to pasture (or offer it a flex schedule in pit duty next season), now is a good time to get its replacement. We're expecting the frames to arrive in late Spring, plenty early to build up and tweak for next season (and even this summer's gravel road adventures).

As always, we open up wheel pre-orders along with our frame pre-orders, so if you're after a set of our carbon wheels you can get in on them for $100 less. In the case of our carbon clinchers, it's definitely your best bet as we're sold out of RFSC 38s, 58s and 85s now - we had an unexpected run on them as soon as winter started. Maybe people got some extra cash for Christmas, or else didn't buy presents for anybody else. Either way, we'll have them in around April so if you're looking for some why not pile onto the pre-order and save yourself some coin. 

We're pretty excited about this pre-order. The HOT BUNS Rising Dough Sweeps went a long way towards reaching a bunch of people who had never heard of us before. We're by no means a big company yet, but we're looking forward to seeing more of our wheels and bikes out in the wild next year. 

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