The Great November Ride

Mark your calendars...  The first annual inaugural and otherwise we've never done it before Great November Ride will take place on October 23rd, starting from Rock Creek Park and heading out to the greater environs of places we ride bikes to.   It will be sort of a debutante ball for our frames and wheels, and you can all ooh and ahh over them, and get grubby fingerprints on them if you wish. 

One might ask, "gee, Dave, why is the Great November Ride taking place in October?"  Well, I'll tell you.  First, the Norse calendar actually says that November begins on October 11th (be prepared for a lot of Norse references this year).  Second, we figure it's probably a good idea to give everybody a meaty looksee at the stuff a little in advance of our order deadline on 11/19.  Third, we're kind of psyched to show everything off. 

The ride will be supported with food, beverage and swag.  A cookout in Rock Creek Park will follow the ride.  If you are in the area but can't go on the ride, feel free to stop by for the cookout or just to check out the moichandize. 

Route map and all details will be posted here there and everywhere before very long at all. 

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