The Great November Ride

Mark your calendars for 11/13, the date of the First Ever Inaugural and Otherwise Premier Great November Ride.  What is this Great November Ride of which I speak?  I will tell you.

The Great November Ride is a coming out party of sorts for November Bicycles.  We will be closing our first order period right around then, and we want a way to celebrate getting things off the ground.  The Great November Ride will be a fun way to ease back into starting the training year and have a good time on some great roads. 

Think of The Great November Ride as a miniature and very informal Grand Fondo, with elements of mixed doubles adventure racing thrown in for good measure.  The route is definitely a worthy one, encompassing 70 miles and about 4000 feet of climbing, coming primarily in two parts.  There will be ample recognition of feats of strength, mementos, and punch and pie. 

A significant feature of The Great November Ride will be the encouragement of communism.  All feats of strength will be based on team efforts, with each team being comprised of various racing categories and genders. 

The Great November Ride will be supported with sag wagons and refueling spots, along with a recovery zone (as long as you like to recovery with grilled meat and the like) following the finish. 

So write that down.  November 13th.  Costumes encouraged. 

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