The Flow State MTB Festival

The Flow State MTB Festival

For the first time in... a while, we're going to be an exhibitor at an event - The Flow State MTB Festival at the Ascutney Trails in Ascutney, VT from July 30 to August 1. We're just excited about the thing and want to support it, and wanted to go to it, and if we're going to go to it we might as well have a tent there, right? 

The trails there are awesome and there are few nicer things than Vermont in mid-summer. The Ascutney Trails group, like a bunch of other regional trail groups under the VMBA umbrella, does amazing trail work. People are so into trail building and maintenance, so there are tons of trails and they're in buff shape all the time. The whole MTB culture in VT is pretty spectacular. WAMBA is the local group in Woodstock, and they've got three killer areas that they maintain. So we like to support these as we can, and we're doing that at Flow State. 

We're bringing our super elaborate road show and event set up, which consists of the finest 10x10 tent, a fold up table, and wonderful flags and banners. We're pros at this for sure! The important parts of the set up are the cooler, which since Lawson's is a big sponsor of the event I guess will feature their wares (complete hardship - everyone I know just hates Sip of Sunshine) and the wheel stand. If you manage to chank a wheel, we'll have some stuff on hand to help get you going so you don't mess up your weekend. We'll also have some parts and pieces for you to oooh and ahh on. Mostly we're going to try and ride a lot, so one of the critical banners is the "gone riding" one. 

A photo of Mt. Ascutney from Friday night's trip to Vermont Beer Makers

I'd say bring your gravel and/or road bike (for me these are one and the same), too. This photo of Mt. Ascutney was taken on a route that I ride regularly, which can turn into a 75% gravel route or a 100% road loop depending on what you want (and if it's been raining, the road option is really nice). The riding in the area is seriously so good you can't believe it. Bring a big cassette, though, because things ain't flat. 

See you there. 

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Maybe the US will have opened the border by then. If yes, I may head over and bring the Timoneria equipped with my Ventoux cassette…


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