The colors of feet, or sock it to me

This past summer, on the local Tuesday night ride, Cecilia showed up wearing some really great socks with shades of blue climbing up to be topped by a band of pink. As they matched my blue frame/pink hubs bike setup, I was immediately smitten with them and asked who makes them. "Ridge Supply."

What Newport lacks in riding variety it makes up in scenery. Tuesday Night Worlds course.You can perhaps see why the socks appealed to me?We've spoken before of why we aren't able or inclined to do the huge "BOGO" or whatever other promo discounts that you find other places in the bicycle game (short answer - we can't give away what we never charged in the first place, our every day deal is as good as most doorbuster promos), but as the new year approached we thought it would be nice to do something fun. And so we approached Ridge Supply to see if they'd be game to do a sock co-promo with us and they were. So there.

Coincedentally with that, we've "upped our graphics game" as the kids say these days, and FSW3s and FSW3 Disc wheels now come with an astonishing array of logo color options to match your frame, match your socks, match your ink, match your hair, contrast with any of the above, or just remain in "humble brag" understated black. And that, my friends, is a whole lotta color. 

See what we did there?

For a limited time, but any set of FSW3 or FSW3 Disc wheels, and you will get a code from us. Go to Ridge Supply's site, choose a pair of socks, and the socks and shipping are on us. It's that easy. 

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When it's good, it's hopelessly beautiful. That just doesn't happen all that often, though. All of which is as you know well.


"Ahhh, Newport. The Sunshine State."


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