That gravel build we told you about

650b gravel industry nine so hot right now

While we kinda still hate the "gravel" moniker, the riding sure is fun, and though neither of us has a gender fluid "sometimes 700c sometimes 650b" bike, we know a lot of people do. And we've been getting asked more and more for wheels for the 650b half of that bill. And the first rim out of our keyboards or mouths, whichever it may be, is the Kinlin 650b. 

At 23mm wide (internal), it's the perfect width for gravel tires. It's tubeless ready with a patented* bead lip burp preventer, is absolutely rock steady stable, and for as wide a load as it is, it's freaking light. Not too light, but definitely light enough. So when we were offered a great deal on a bunch of them, we took it instantly. And now that becomes the center of one of the hottest "so hot right now" builds we've ever done. (that link is where they are in the store)

I9 hubs are way more than just a pretty face, although pretty they are. They're ridiculously well made, require more or less no maintenance, have superb build geometry, are light without making and compromises for it, and oh by the way they're gorgeous and come in a raft of colors. 

Tie it all together with Sapim race spokes in 28/28, and you've got a wheel that the entire field of Dirty Kanza could win on. In fact, if everyone did use them, they'd all tie in a course record* which would be kind of cool. And don't just put these babies in the gravel corner, they make great mountain bike wheels too. 

Best part? $650. Yup. Hand built just for you, including tubeless tape and valves. That's such a good deal that I'm getting a pair even though I don't have a bike they fit on!


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  • Dave on

    Eddie, it’s here

  • Eddie on

    Where in the website I can order it?

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