Teflon Cables, Ceramic Bearings and the November Bicycles Bike Builder Network

Racers hate friction. It robs us of power, causes us to expend additional energy, disrupts our plan to throw hands at the finish line. We hate friction too, particularly the kinds that conspire to prevent you from buying one of our bikes. Our stupid low prices, the 2-year warranty, all the blathering we do here on the blog - all of this is designed to lubricate your purchase cycle and make it easier for you to glide right into ownership of a new November Bicycle.

One point of friction that remains is that you're not actually buying a bike - you're buying the pieces that comprise a bike. In between "Add to Basket" and "Racers to the line please" is the bike build. We know some of you have some anxiety about how and where you're going to get your bike built up, and how much it's going to cost. There's no shame in not building your own bikes. Many of us don't have occasion to do it more than once every 2 years, so stocking all the specialty tools expressly for that rare occasion can be a poor return on money, energy and garage space invested. 

Because we don't want the question of "where will I get it built?" to stand in the way of you buying one of our bikes, we're creating the November Bicycles Bike Builder Network. It's a simple directory of anybody - licensed mechanic, independent bike builder, local shop, some guy whose dad is a TV repairman and who has this ultimate set of tools - who gladly offers their bike building services. 

If you followed that link above (here it is again - you can always find it in the "How to Order" section) you see that there aren't any listings yet. So help us with that. If you build bikes or you know someone who builds bikes - anywhere in the country - send them here so we can list them and our customers can hire them. It's free to list, and we don't get a cut of the profits or anything. This is all about removing friction. 

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