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RCG36 Additional details

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Some further details about the RCG36, including preorder details and schedule.

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Knight 29 Race Carbon rims: What's to love?

Dave Kirkpatrick carbon cross disc brakes disc builds gravel products Stuff We Sell tubeless

We thought it would be nice to get a bit granular on why we've specifically selected some of the carbon rims we're building with now, so here is what we like about the Knight 29 Race rim and what uses to which it's best suited.

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Cross wheels and tires: tubular and tubeless

Dave Kirkpatrick cross tech tires tubeless tubulars

Duck season! Rabbit season! Cross season! Tubulars, tubeless, Cheryls Ladd and Tiegs - the prospect of Tabata intervals has apparently sent Dave completely across the ditch.

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Tire Installation Made Easy

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Did you see that discs are going to be allowed in pro cycling without reservations next year? If nothing else, the chatter on the internets ought to be amusing. Significantly, though, I read that 160mm rotor size and thru-axle front and rear are the agreed standard. I'm going to assume that it's 12mm thru-axle front, which is kind of a bummer since that's overwhelmingly what the fewest people currently have, but hey you have to break some eggs, right? In the bigger picture, having standards that are actually standards will be nice.  Segue to today's topic, which is tire installation made...

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CX tubeless - our final word (for now)

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My cross season has begun to circle the drain. I've had far more fun than ever racing this year, and am fully mourning the season being nearly over, but my joints can't take the cold and damp, and all the stupid Rule 5 in the world won't change that. When stepping off the bike for the barriers feels like that scene from Misery, your season is done. Despite our protestations that we aren't tubeless evangelists, that may have become inaccurate. Despite know-it-all bloviators claiming that tubeless has "no place" in cross, it absolutely does. It works a hundredfold better than...

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