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Disc brake rotors

Dave Kirkpatrick disc brakes products tech

What's up with the huge range of price points and styles of disc brake rotors on the market? Our HOT TAKE is here.

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Axle types

Dave Kirkpatrick axle standards tech

Axle types get more confusing by the day, and the dizzying number of options makes it hard to figure out if you're ordering the correct thing. Here's our vocabulary on it.

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GCN Cheap Bike vs Super Bike

Dave Kirkpatrick aerodynamics tech Trends & Technology

Dave watches GCN video while riding rollers, thinks “I have some thoughts on that,” and writes a blog about them. Details when you click...

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Cross wheels and tires: tubular and tubeless

Dave Kirkpatrick cross tech tires tubeless tubulars

Duck season! Rabbit season! Cross season! Tubulars, tubeless, Cheryls Ladd and Tiegs - the prospect of Tabata intervals has apparently sent Dave completely across the ditch.

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Disc brakes - center lock versus 6 bolt

Dave Kirkpatrick axle standards disc brakes products tech

Many people are confused by the difference between 6 bolt and center lock rotors, and whether their bikes limit them to one or the other. Here, we attempt to demystify what is actually a very straightforward question.

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