Speaking out

Speaking out

Unlike a lot of "pass through" corporations, November is one to every letter, spirit, and nuance of the term. We are it, it is us. We're fortunate enough to have built a community of people who share part of a value set that we hold dear and hopefully embody, and in that sense you are all November and November is all of you, but functionally, it's just the two of us. 
November itself began as a form of protest, though it was against a system much less harmful than what we see now. Today, protests and events of dire consequence envelop our world. The systemic repression of people of color, gay, trans, immigrants, and others is real, and it has to end. No one can revert to "normal life" until "normal life" means the same thing to all of us, not privilege to some and oppression to others. 
We (Mike and Dave) have the "luxury" of being straight white males. Though we've heard the "get off the road, faggot" slur like probably every lycra-wearing roadie reading this also has, to us directly it's a fleeting offense and not an existential threat. Too many others know the core rattling dread that this must cause, the lifetime of fear and pain these churn at every instance. 
Neither of us has ever gone for a bike ride on new bike day, new wheel day, or any other day, and had people question whether we stole the bike, or what we're doing on it, or if we're running from something. We've slow rolled though plenty of stop signs, never really questioning if we'd wind up with a busted up face and a rap sheet for simply doing what cyclists do. 
We support every person's right to protest against oppression, and to rise up when that becomes the only available remedy. We also support the law enforcement personnel who faithfully uphold and execute their duty to protect and serve. We yearn for a world where everyone can live with the freedom that we've taken for granted. 
We have only the voice that we have. Grand but empty gestures are neither possible nor purposeful. As people, we've supported our beliefs with action and will continue to do so. As a company, our statement is our action. More than any other product or business decision we've made or will make, speaking up is a risk. Not speaking, however, is failure. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?" If revealing our soul costs us our world, it was never ours in the first place. 
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Just this very moment, my pride in the RCGs on which I roll went up by a factor of 10.


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