Some Photos from Today's Great November Ride

Today at the Great November Ride we brought 4 fully built demo bikes for test riding and general inspection. We gave away lots of Mountain Khakis pants and discount cards and a couple of nice honkin Descente jackets from our ride sponsors. Everyone who came by also went home with a new November bottle or two, and some highly functional November cool-weather riding gloves. 

If you missed it today, you've got a couple of choices: come by DCCX on Sunday, where we'll be all day with the bikes, bottles and other swag. Or look at the pictures below, which were shot by Wayne of Wayne Hayward Photograpy

Tom from District Velocity Racing about to set off on a test ride of the Wheelhouse Max Perkins. Mike from November helps Matt of TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman sports spin on a pair of pedals before a test ride.

Mike realizes he forgot to put SwissStop yellows on the Wheelhouse with RFSW carbon hoops. Oops.

Judd from GamJams can't get out of cyclocross season, even on a road bike.





Thanks to everyone who came out today and ate our brats and donuts. See you at DCCX.

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guys -Coujldn't make it on saturday, but did spy Mike and one of the new bikes at DCCX – they look great! And the November Bicycles jacket/sweater you were stylin' was pretty cool as well. I need to catch up sometime soon (i.e. before Nov 19) and get a closer look at the wheelsets…..


I came out and saw the bikes after the C race @ DCCX…good to meet you guys and see what I laid down the $$ for. You guys won't say the words but I will…that bike was definitely "laterally stiff & vertically compliant"…not a single piece on that frame flexed as I attempted to hammer up a hill in a rather tall gear on my test ride.


Hey guys – glad you like the bikes. @Chris, one of our bikes will be guest-ridden at a group ride in Reston this weekend, so you can get a good look at it there. And we'll be demo-ing them at other CX races this season. We'll keep everyone updated here on the blog.

Mike May

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