So, we lied

So, we lied

As it turns out, we have more to say...

Yesterday, we talked about how we can come out the other side of this strange interlude in good shape, and how can we respond to what you're going to want on the other side. And then internally, we talked about our abilities, and the work that Mike does with brands to help them have the biggest positive impact that they can. And while we'd like to be able to donate a bunch of ventilators or switch our production line over to making masks to distribute, we haven't got any ventilators to donate or a production line to make masks. So we started talking about the support and appreciation people have shown for this blog-a-palooza (that just made me really hungry for Carvel ice cream), and how that is doing something for people. So can we extend that?

I've done none of us any favors with the Carvel mention...

We can. At least we think we can.

People are bored and at home and climbing the walls and not able to do a lot of stuff. They're also not buying wheels in droves, and not able to use their bikes perhaps as much as they'd like. And when this veil lifts, they're going to want to use their bikes quite a lot. What to do, what to do, what to do..

Oh yeah, we can teach you how to build wheels. And supply you the parts and tools to build them with, if needed. So that's what we're going to do. 

We have increased the value of the "rollyourown" coupon (which triggers us to ship you a build kit and not actually build your wheels) from $100 to $180. Can't say that will last forever because there are some things where this gets really thin, but for now we're doing it. And whether you want to do that in concert with this instruction series or not, it's there. 

We've also created a couple of build tools kits (the more-r one is here and the less-er one is here). If you want a nice package of tools that we recommend, you get a kit that gives you a kicker for buying the whole gruppo. If you're starting from scratch, just get one of these.

We've got some things to figure out, like how to shoot the videos and what platform we want to use and how interactive the thing can be (the plan is that we do the finale as a live interactive where you can build along with me and ask questions as we go), and we've got to quick fast hurry up and get that sorted. But in any case this is happening and the rollyourown coupon is updated. You will not need to be a customer or buy anything in order to take part in any of the interactive stuff. You might have product questions about stuff that you're using that we can't answer, and there might be some other inconveniences, but no purchase required. 

There are obviously some things in the world we can't get right now - there are bigger issues than ours. White Industries is back to shipping limited product. Aivee is bricked up for a while. Carbon rims almost certainly won't be available for when we do the interactive build (our inventory is hammered). 

So this is what we can do.


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Pete – We wish EVERYONE was in the market for a new wheel set, but enjoy the one you’ve got.

Scott – We appreciate your perspective but a lot of people are fascinated by wheel building and what’s the harm in trying to learn? Take an old unused wheel apart and play along. And for those who feel confident enough to really go for it, the $180 roll your own code is by and large a VERY good deal. Very.


First, I know what Carvel is (grew up in Jersey)… second, the best part of you company is the quality that comes from YOU building a wheel set! I want to learn how to do this, but is my mediocre attempt worth the $180 savings?! 🤷‍♂️

Scott Booth

This is a cool idea and something I’ve wanted to try but not yet been brave enough to do so. I wish I was in the market for a new wheelset, but I need to get many more miles on this Al33/WI T11 set you built for me a few months ago first.


Please tell me you’re joking?

If not, go to a reputable supermarket, go to the ice cream section, get a Carvel cake, take it home, let it get soft for a couple of minutes, and then make me unfathomably jealous that you get to experience that for the first time.


What’s a Carvel?


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