So, Can We See The Future?

Prior to Interbike and Eurobike, we made a few bold predictions about trends that we would see in show season.  How did we do?  We'll start with Mike's.

1. Wireless and other Di2 adaptations: Mike predicted automatic transmissions, body wearable shift buttons, etc.  Did it happen?  No.  Score -1

2. Real-Time Strava Apps:  Mike predicted that someone would come out with apps that would alert you to upcoming segments, etc.  Did it happen?  No (but it will).  Score -1

3. Murdered Out is pronounced DOA: Mike thought the Goth Kids look on bikes would take a back seat to the reintroduction of a more colorful palette.  Did it happen?  Yes.  Score +1.

4. Custom frame paint: Mike predicted that custom frame paint programs would expand. just ran an article about Felt's custom paint program, so I'm calling it a win.  Did it happen?  Yes. Score +1

5. The emergency of the Gravel Grinder segment: Did it happen?  In spades.  Score +1.


And now, mine:

1. More disc brakes whether they work better or not. An absolute layup.  I might have gone further out on a limb and said "there will be bikes there!"  Did it happen?  Yup.  Score +1
2. Related point, shifting and braking will decouple. I think the era of the "brifter" will end, especially as hydraulic brakes (rim and disc) and electronic shifting proliferate.  This happened, but not to the degree I'd have thought.  I'm going neutral on this.  Score 0
3. Day-glo. Did it happen?  Did it ever!!  Score +1
4. More aero everything.  Did it happen?  Yup. Score +1
5. We'll learn a lot more about the world of 11 speed. Did it happen?  Yes.  Score +1


Mike went much further out on a limb than I did in his predictions.  Apart from my absolute dead certainty that neon would be the new aero, I really didn't make any bold guesses.  Of course, there weren't really any paradigm shifts introduced during the shows anyway.  Maybe everyone in into "marginal gains"?

While we were on the lookout for trends and not specifics, there were some cool things like the Stages power meter.  We'll have to see if it does a little better than the Garmin Vector at actually making it out into the world.  One trend we did not see at all was the upsurge in lace up cycling shoes.  Giro and Vittoria definitely have some sexy looking dogs out there. 

So yes, we can see the future. 

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