Silent But Deadly

Given our normal chronic verbal diarrhea, our relative silence of late may seem strange.  It's just that there's a ton of stuf going on, some of which we aren't quite ready to blab about and some that we don't really have time to blab about. 

Mike is learning to embrace cross, even as he does not embrace the stick that punctured him off the podium on Sunday.  I need to go back to Sesame Street and learn how to count, since not tuning into the old "ONE, ONE lap to go - ah ha ha ha ha!" cost me dearly on Sunday.  The team tent continues to be the velvet rope that everyone wants to be behind.  The huge boxes of rims and hubs keep showing up, and the smaller boxes of built wheels keep going out.  We're in the middle of cross but the next road season is just around the corner. 

Life is grand, stay tuned, and in the mean time do as I say and not as I did Sunday - Race Smart. 

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