Signs Point To Cross

8 more weeks to cross, give or take.  Depending on who you ask, and insomuch as you aren't one of the people who's already raced at Mid Summer CX or something like that.Cross bikes take a hiatus from our product line for 2013, which is a huge buzz kill for me since I love cross and I love our cross bikes.  Getting the Rail out into the world was a fairly resource rich endwavour that didn't leave us with the bandwidth to overcome the challenges that cross bikes presented for this year.  C'est la vie, I'm not going to let it ruin my season and in fact I'm planning to impose on my parents hospitality and do at least Providence, the back end of holy week.  Then it'll be the rest of the events around here, which offer the local racer a rich cornucopia of excellent racing options. 

Racing the past two weeks has proven to me what happens when you focus all of your energy on building wheels and use what's left from that (and the rest of what's going on in your world) to focus on building fitness and race sense.  I'm more stupid than slow right now, but, you know, kind of a lot of both.  The good news is that we are dompletely shipped on Pre-Order 1 (have been for a little bit) and not even a handful of builds away from being totally through Pre-Order 2.  The ramp up in production that we needed to get to where we are now on that honed the means of production by a fairly huge amount so were are both better and faster than we were before.  Before too long we will actually have built standard builds, ready to go, in stock. 

As the Rail launch has brought us to a much broader audience than we've reached before, we're getting more and more questions about getting Rails built with different kinds of hubs.  On the one hand, we recognize that people want to get exactly the wheels they want, built with their favorite hubs.  On the other hand, our standard choices have done so well for us, and the logisitics of producing the thing that people seem to most want - good wheels, available now - are so well served by the standardization that we've got.  Well, we're industrious and creative and we've come up with some plans on that which we think will adapt to provide a solution for everyone.  More on that soon.

Okay back to the stand. 

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8 weeks? BCA is Sept 8th, and the Charm City double the weekend after that.


I like turtles.


Mike I signed up for Charm City so I guess it got closer for me. fatmarc – I can't wait. My dad's going to pit for me. Which will consist of him standing there with sail ties, duct tape, and zip ties, cuz if you can't fix it with some combination of those three it's hopelessly f'd anyway.


Dave,Providence is my favorite NE course. As of right now, my only NE trip planned for this year.It is worth the trip for sure…see you soon.respectfatmarc


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