Running 10 Speed on 11 Speed Hubs

We get a (to me) surprising number of emails questioning whether you can use an 11 speed hub with a 10 speed drivetrain.  The answer is yes, I've done it every time I've used my road bike for about a year now.  Let me illustrate with a picture I stole from the internet:


The keen-eyed observer will note a thin (1.8mm thick, to be exact) spacer ring on the inboard end of this cassette body.  If you are using this 11 speed hub with a 10 speed drivetrain, keep that spacer on when you install your cassette.  No re-dishing of the wheel is necessary.  No adjustment of the rear derailleur beyond what you might expect when going from hub to hub (i.e. may be a click or three on the barrel adjuster) is necessary. 

If you are using an 11 speed drivetrain with this hub, simply remove the washer before you install your cassette. 

As G-Love said, yeah, it's that easy

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Do you provide the spacer with your 11spd hubs? I will be in that exact situation once you open up the Rail34 orders…


That spacer is part of the cassette. With a Shimano cassette that comes with a spacer you use the spacer, end of story.


Hey Dave,You didn't address a critical point—when running Shimano 10 speed cassettes, do you use the 1.8mm spacer in addition to the stock 1mm spacer, or instead of it?




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