Riddle Me This, My Brother

What weighs comfortably less than 1500 grams, is strong enough to use on a mountain bike (but made for road or cx bikes), can be built with a variety of awesome hubs*, costs $485, and could be in your hands before Labor Day? 

Our new FSW 23 and FSW CX wheel sets.

Carbon wheels are great, especially now that the cost has come down and carbon clinchers have shed their freshman 15 to get to really attractive weights.  But a lot of people have no interest in using carbon wheels for cross, or winter time base miles.  A lot of people want to have two sets of tubulars for cross but ponying up the bank for two sets of carbon tubulars is a little beyond what makes sense.  Some people just aren't into carbon rims.  We get that, so we've put together a great alternative.

The only substantive difference between the FSW 23 and the FSW CX is that the 23 is clincher and the CX is tubular.  Both are 23mm wide and 19.5mm deep.  Weights are very similar, with the CX coming in at 1495 grams (though one customer just reported his came in at 1470) and the 23s about 15 grams less.  

The CX rim has a seam relief channel to seat the base tape seam and help provide the maximum gluing surface for tires.  The 23mm width better matches the radius of cross tires, providing both superior adhesion to the rim and an optimal tire shape when inflated. 

The 23 offers the benefit of the wide tire bed to give cross tubulars (and road tires) better traction and less squirm.  I've been using a 23 rim on my mountain bike for the last several weeks and it's taken everything I've thrown at it and come back laughing every time.  It sets up tubeless beautifully with Stan's tape and a 29er rim strip, and hasn't burped down to 27psi. 

Both are available in the standard 24/28, 2 crossed all around lacing, as well as the SOB 28/32, 2 cross front 3 cross rear lacing. 

We've got rims and standard hubs in stock for both lacings. 

*Wheels can also be built with Chris King, C-4, and White Industries premium hubs.  Weights, prices and lead times will be different with these hub options. 

A bunch of people have been asking for 29er wheels, and we're very close to ready to go with those.  More on that soon. 

Can anyone but Paul place today's post title?

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