RFSW3: We got extra, who wants in?

Mr FedEx showed up with the shipment of Al33 rims for us to start building, and holy moly. They are incredible. The finish is just unbelievable, the graphics are as nice as HED Belgium graphics and more subtle, and the first two test rims I built tell me the next week or so is going to be full of very enjoyable builds. Awesome. 

Better than we'd hoped for.

This one time we did a pre-order and I botched the counting and oversold the order. It was about 5 years ago and still stings. I hate doing stuff like that. That's also a cover for my inability to count (so I'm in favor of maintaining NEA funding so Big Bird - or really The Count - doesn't get kicked out of his home on Sesame Street).

We weren't sure they'd include these graphics. We very very dig.

Anyhoo... we wound up with a few extra sets of ceramic RFSW3 rims. Whaddaya know about that? 20/24 only. And we have even limiteder availability of 20/24 machined sidewall builds. We don't expect either to last very long. Based on last time we had them open for order, by the time you read this you might be hosed (though that's probably pessimistic for you and optimistic for us).

Shrink your carbon footprint, raise your sexiness quotient.

There are those among you who will be thinking to yourself "but I ordered a set of 20/24 ceramic and was told I wouldn't get them until May!" Well, you're going to get them a lot sooner than that. 

As always, every one of these suckers is going to be hand built and checked, checked, and rechecked, and we're only going to ship the first pre-order orders out early next week. So you won't have them for your race on March 25th. But they'll be to you one heck of a lot earlier than we thought they'd be available. 

In any case, please order wheels because now I need to pay for remedial counting lessons. 

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Yes! IN. Just sent you an email.


You heard the one about the guy who ordered a pizza and was asked if he wanted it cut up in 4 pieces or 8? He wasn't that hungry so he said 4. I AM that guy.

Dave Kirkpatrick

1, 2, 3….12. I like pizza.


I'm pretty sure if I showed up to a ride with these wheels they'd be stolen from under me. Picture it: bike up on blocks outside a coffee shop.


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