RFSW3 is dead. Long live RFSW3

Last week, we tweeted that we had some interesting product announcements coming up. Here’s the first: no more RFSW3.

While this sounds like something, there’s not much there there. When we added the RFSW3 as a product a year ago, we thought it would be a simpler way to present what we were sure would be a popular product for us. And it’s become a very very popular product for us, but there’s nothing in the RFSW3 category that isn’t available in the Al33 build section or as a custom build, and it was creating some confusion. We’ve gotten a ton of ”which one is better for me, an Al33 with White Industries hubs or an RFSW3 with White Industries hubs” queries, so it’s obvious that the RFSW3 had begun doing the very opposite of the thing it was designed to do. Pricing is, and has been, the same between the two. 

We’ve also added Hope RS4 builds to the arsenal, and we’ve appropriately started with adding them as options in Al33 builds. If you click on the link, some of the product copy will be strange. For example, it will all reference Chris King hubs. And the machined brake track versions will talk about the all black brake track. This is dumb, I know, and when the web site decides that it wants to let me save changes instead of wasting half my morning and tempting me to throw computers through windows (and by the way it’s crazy cold outside so that would be a DUMB DUMB move to do today) we will have that fixed. But the prices are correct and you could order a set today. Right now, even. 

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