Rail 52 Preorder

The Rail 52 preorder is now live. Check it out here. As previously announced, we've made a few small changes to the 52 for 2016. The brake track goes to 3k for better abrasion resistance and improved pad grip, while the big change is that Rail 52s now have a tubeless ready tire seat. Standard builds feature black Sapim CX Ray spokes, black brass nipples, and the outstanding Nimbus Ti hubs that White Industries make for us. Custom builds let you go crazy with options. All builds include skewers and come with tubeless tape installed. Tubeless valves are available as an add on.  

The first shipment is scheduled to ship to customers in early February. Thanks to Chinese New Year (it shuts Taiwan down, too), there will be a short gap to the second delivery. There are a few slots left in the first delivery group. 

Brake track on long term test wheel.

Any questions, please feel free to hit us up here, or leave a comment.

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No. No we shouldn't. When we go public and have unlimited access to capital, we can chase fragmented market pieces. Until then, we can't. And since we'll never go public…


You guys should do a 650b version of the "range." :)


Well, I look forward to these quite a bit. I'm a carbon wheel newbie and an aero wheel newbie, but have been running tubeless on a set of WI/Pacenti wheels I got from you for a couple of months now. The tubeless application for the Rail sealed the deal for me and I just put my order in. I'm very interested to feel the difference, if any, between the two wheelsets.


Applaud the use of steel nipples—really. You will catch some stick from gram-shavers, but the 25-30 grams/wheel saved from alloy nips isn't worth the increased hassle while building, or the first time you round one off, when giving your 2+ year old wheel a quick re-true in the jig. And yeah, where are our 650Bs? Buy a super-ball ticket, then get on it, pronto, eh?


It's sure got a whole long way to go before it's something we'd address. There's really only one bike that is an actual mainstream-ish product that would use that wheel. On the other hand, the huge majority of road and cross bikes in the global 2016 product catalog can use Ranges.


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