My toolbox is pretty well stocked.  If I was to crash in Saturday's race, there's a huge likelihood I could rebuild my bike for Sunday without going to a shop.  Of course, the one notable exception to this is if I were to damage my frame.  Frames are typically harder to replace. 

We were as aggressive as we could afford to be in pricing our frames - that should be evident.  When it came time to plan our crash replacement policy, we were at a bit of a loss.  How do you price a crash replacement frame when all of the cost-adding distribution layers are already stripped away, your frame costs far less new than similar frames cost on crash replacement, you probably make less margin selling your frames new than the big brands make on crash replacements, and your pricing model doesn't support holding inventory?  Tough one. 

Our answer is our Crash PREplacement Program.  Buy a frame from us, and we will sell you a second frame in the same size for 10% off.  This benefits everyone.  You get two awesome frames for WAY less than the price of any one equivalent carbon frameset you're likely to find.  If you crash one, you're up and rolling in no time.  There's no screwing around with getting the fit right on a frame that's similar but not the same.  You're on the same exact frame.  No paperwork hassles, no waiting until the correct frame is available. 

On our end, this lets us hold costs down.  If we were to hold enough stock throughout the year to support crash replacement needs in the traditional (yet still expensive, slow, and painful) way, we'd have to raise prices on all the frames we sell.  We don't want that, and we don't think you do, either.

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