Pre-Order our CX-ready RFSWs ($685) and reduce your list of excuses by 1

If you've been following along at home, you know by now that we're big on the pre-order. Our goal with wheels is to have enough on-hand to be able to meet your immediate urgent need now today for a hopping fast new set of hoops, but so far the demand has outpaced supply.

Like now, for example, when we realize we don't have enough RFSW tubulars for the upcoming cyclocross season. So we have to order more. And every time we do, you get a chance to hop in early and pre-order a set. Why would you do that? Here's a few reasons: 

  • Save $100: Our 50mm RFSW Carbon Tubulars (regular and cx-ready SOB build) are $685 on pre-order.
  • Guarantee you have a set: We sold out of carbon clinchers early in road season. We may sell out of carbon tubulars early in cx season.
  • Move to the front of the build queue: We build and deliver our pre-orders first, always. They're red hot priority #1 as soon as they arrive.

We do have some RFSW SOBs (24/28) in stock, so if you want them right away go ahead and snap up a pair. But if you're not going to use them until cx season anyway, may we suggest the pre-order route which saves you $100. Either option allows you to cast off the "I don't have decent cyclocross wheels" excuse.

I know we're going to get two questions in the comments straight away, so I'll answer them here:

  1. No, the RFSWs are not yet available with disc hubs. We're trying to find some we are happy with. If we do, we'll give all our customers - including pre-orders - that option. If you've found some disc hubs you like, you might want to look into buying our rims and building your own.
  2. Yes, we will also have an alloy cyclocross tubular. It will be built on Velocity's excellent 23mm wide Major Tom rim and be priced comparably to the FSW alloy wheelset. It will be here before CX season but we're not currently planning on offering a pre-order on that wheelset since the rims are sourced from the U.S. and don't take 6-8 weeks to arrive.


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100-ish days until cx season!


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