Pre-Order Evolution: In which we paralyze you with tantalizing choices

We've made some changes and clarifications to our Pre-Order programs, particularly with respect to wheels. Our goal is to have wheels available for purchase almost all the time, but even when we do we will still allow our customers to pile onto our orders with suppliers through our Pre-Order program. Pay for what's important to you - if you want to shave $100 - $140 off a wheelset in exchange for waiting a couple months to receive it, you can do that with us. If you want your wheels today immediately now, you can do that too.

The New Cool Thing about Pre-Order though is not just that you save money - you get more choice. With wheelsets, for example, we don't yet have the demand to stock 38mm or 85mm tubulars, like we do with carbon clinchers. But with pre-order the sky's the limit - if we can get it through our suppliers (which we can), you can pre-order it. Really want a 28-Hole 58mm rear rim that we don't normally stock? No problem. 

Here's what's new: 

  1. The Pre-Order Calendar. We have published all the Pre-Order Deadlines for the next year and a half, so you can plan when you want to make a purchase instead of waiting by the inbox for us to tell you that it's game on. But go ahead and subscribe to our email and we'll tell you anyway. 
  2. Whatever we carry you can always pre-order. Previously we limited pre-orders to a specific wheelset, like RFSW tubulars for CX or RFSC 38s. Now, whenever a Pre-Order deadline looms, you can pick up any of our wheelsets, whether they are out of stock or not. Let's say we've got RFSC 85s in stock but you don't need them until a triathlon in the fall. Pre-Order them and save $140 in exchange for your willingness to wait.
  3. Pre-Order Non-Stock wheelsets. All of our rim depths (38mm, 50mm, 58mm, 85mm) are available in both tubular and clincher. We don't stock wheelsets using all those permutations, but you can now pre-order them. 8 different wheelsets are available for Pre-Order, each in either our standard (20/24) or SOB (24/28) build. Pricing and ordering for each is all on our Wheelset Pre-Order page
  4. Pre-Order our carbon rims in any quantity. We launched carbon rims last Pre-order with a minimum of 4 per order. Now you can order 1 or 2 or any positive integer of your choice. Any rim type, any rim depth, any drillings you like. The only thing you don't choose is the price. We did that for you, but we kept it low. Pricing and a "Add to Cart" button are right there on the Rims page
  5. We bring the bling with custom wheels. We're just finalizing dealer accounts with some additional hub suppliers and will soon roll out the details of our custom wheel program. You start by pre-ordering the rims you want built into custom hoops. When they're en route, you select your hub brand, hub color, spokes, nipple color and decal color. Yep, we build them for you to your specs. We don't want to publish all the hub brands until agreements are complete, but email us and we'll tell you whose hubs we expect to have on offer, and give you pricing guidelines so you can make a decision for the current pre-order.

The current pre-order is open until July 5. 


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