Powertap news and some demo deals

Powertap hubs have always been good products and good sellers for us. Over the past few years, their share has declined as the power market has become more developed with crank- and pedal-based options from a range of new market entrants. 

Over the last few order interactions, we'd gotten a pretty clear signal that hub-based power is less of a mainstay for Powertap these days, that pedals are more and more of a thing, and that the dealer program was at risk. Tuesday's order phone call brought an abrupt "just to let you know, we no longer offer dealer pricing on that." We got that one order sorted since we've been a fairly good stocking-level dealer for Powertap, but the signal is clear - being a Powertap hub dealer has become a dead end street for us. 

All is not lost, as we can supply their pedals and trainers and other stuff that lets you train with power and go Zwift and TrainerRoad and all that jazz, it's just that Powertap hubs no mas. With one exception...

We have a demo set of machined brake track AForce Al33s with an Industry Nine front hub, Powertap rear hub, CX Rays, and black alloy nipples in the demo deals section. 20/24 lacing. I used these quite a bit in 2017, enough that the rear rim is brand new since I'd put a size L dent in the original hitting a pothole at mach. They're far too nice to be hanging on the wall gathering dust, as they've been since I last used them in California in February. SOLD - SORRY

There is also a set of AForce ceramics with Bitex hubs, Pillar's new Wing spokes, and black Sapim alloy nipples as a demo deal. These are brand new, never ridden. They were built and used for a wind tunnel experiment that we arranged for the Pillar distributor. The spokes are basically just like CX Rays, so much so that the aerodynamic difference between the two was within the margin of error. Also 20/24 lacing. ALSO SOLD - SORRY


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