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So we've kind of been on the rivet as far as getting everything built and out the door, without much time for our usual erudition. Lots of things going on beyond, as well - a new corporate address, some really neat product stuff, long term projects with some suppliers coming to fruition. Life is, indeed, a rich pageant. It's also a frozen pageant at the moment. Anyhow here are some pictures.

People are getting on board the color train. Love it. These live in FL now.

Actually, these also live in FL now.

These live on the left coast. Everyone's warmer than me.

Scarlett came to stay for a few days

Paul, caught in the act of winning life. On Mt Lemmon. He and I actually even made it rain out there.

All work and no play makes Dave a dull boy.We're in this "kaizen" mode, trying to make continual improvements all around. It's working out. Happy with the work we're shipping now, but striving to do better all the time. 

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